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Congressman Brad Sherman

Representing the 30th District of CALIFORNIA

Share your Government Shutdown Story


House Democrats have made it clear who is working to end the shutdown.  On the eve of the shutdown, President Trump vowed to shut down the government following the hysteria from rightwing media personalities such as Laura Ingrahm, who demanded border wall funding.  

My office will continue to provide constituent services to San Fernando residents who need help with a federal agency.  During the government shutdown, we will only be able to help those in a limited number of situations.  Still, I encourage anyone who is seeking constituent services to contact my District Director Scott Abrams at 818-501-9200.

Submit your story about how the government shutdown is affecting you below.  I hope to use these examples to persuade my colleagues to vote to reopen the government as soon as possible.

Please note: If you need assistance with a federal agency please do NOT use this form, but contact me here or call my District Office at 818-501-9200.

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This is to help the constituents that are hard of hearing or use a video phone alert us to that fact so we can use the proper technology when we need to call them. The default option "Voice" is a normal audible telephone.

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