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New Covid Relief Legislation


"America Rescue Plan" 2021 Covid Relief Legislation Summary 

The House has passed the finalized version of the Biden Administration's "American Rescue Plan". 

For more details on the legislation, see an updated one-page summary prepared by the House Budget Committee. 

For a detailed 23 page overview of the provisions in the bill, click here.  

For the complete bill text, click here


The package builds on seveal other aid measures enacted in 2020. For more info on those bills, see: 

-The year-end spending and aid package (Bill Summary)

-The CARES Act (Bill Summary)

-The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (Bill Summary


Covid-19 Relief and Fiscal 2021 Omnibus (December 2020 Covid Bill) Summary

The December 21st Bill is over 6,000 pages. 

The text of the spending package, H.R. 133, is available here.

A division-by-division summary of the appropriations provisions is here. A division-by-division summary of the coronavirus relief provisions is here. A division-by-division of the authorizing matters is here.

One-page fact sheets on critical Democratic priorities included among the appropriations provisions, the coronavirus relief provisions, and the authorizing matters are here, here, and here respectively.

Provisions of interest to Small Businesses, NonProfits and Entertainment Venues, here

For assistance in dealing with any federal agency, including help with the new Covid relief bill, visit