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Congressman Sherman to Host Town Hall Meeting
Sunday, August 24th

Congressman Brad Sherman will host a Town Hall meeting on Sunday, August 24th, 3:00 PM at Birmingham High School located at 17000 Haynes St. in Lake Balboa.

The Congressman will discuss the economy, taxes, housing, the national debt, education, Social Security and Medicare as well as other issues facing Congress.  Most of the meeting will be devoted to Congressman Sherman listening and responding to questions from Valley residents.


405 Carpool Lane Opens

Sherman Calls for Subway through the Sepulveda Pass

On Friday, May 23rd Los Angeles County Metro, in partnership with Caltrans, will announce the grand opening of the 10-mile northbound carpool lane on the 405 Freeway.  Congressman Brad Sherman and his colleagues were instrumental in securing funding for these projects at both the state and federal level.

“It is terrific to finally see this project come together,” said Congressman Brad Sherman. “Valley residents are long overdue for traffic improvements, and the new northbound lane will relieve some of the busiest traffic through the Sepulveda Pass. Now is the time to intensify the effort to build a subway through the Sepulveda Pass, from the Valley to LAX, with a connection in West Los Angeles to the Purple Line, now under construction.” Read More


Does the IRS Owe You Money?

Sherman Announces How Los Angeles Residents Can Find Out If They Have Unclaimed Tax Refunds
LA County Has $60 Million in Undelivered & Unclaimed Returns
Plus Tips to Avoid to Tax Scams & Fraud

There are 4,176 taxpayers in Los Angeles County who are owed $6,722,735 in undelivered tax refunds. In many instances, the United States Postal Service was unable to deliver refund checks due to mailing address errors. Many more individuals who have not filed are eligible for a significant refund if they do file. In California there is an estimated $200 million, and in LA County there is an estimated $60 million in unclaimed refunds payable to roughly 22,000 Angelinos. That is an average of $1,713 dollars per person nationwide. To find out the status of your refund contact the IRS directly on the “Where’s My Refund?” hotline by calling 1-800-829-1954. If you have not yet filed a return find more details at

Read more about undeliverable and unclaimed refund, plus tips to avoid scams and fraud CLICK HERE

Rep. Sherman Holds Five Town Hall Meetings

This past week, Congressman Brad Sherman hosted five town hall meetings in the San Fernando Valley.

Congressman Sherman speaks at Town Hall Meeting

On Monday March 17th, Sherman held a meeting to discuss issues facing senior citizens at the Fountainview Jewish Home. Sherman highlighted his continued work to lower the cost of prescription drugs, as well as fight against any plan that privatizes Social Security or turns Medicare into a voucher program.

Three of the town hall meetings were held at Valley high schools with a focus on issues related to students and younger citizens. During Congressman Sherman’s time in Congress he has met with students of nearly every public and private school in the San Fernando Valley. This week Sherman’s meetings were held at El Camino Real Charter High School in Woodland Hills, the Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences in Granada Hills, and Harvard-Westlake School in Studio City.  During these town hall meetings, Sherman spoke about his work in the nation’s capital and answered questions from the students. He also presented a flag flown above the U.S. Capital to the student body president of each school. 

Mortgage Modification for those Facing Hardship

Congressman Sherman helped create the HAMP program to help those having significant difficultly making their mortgage payments.  The goal is to reduce foreclosures, which are a tragedy for the families involved, and adversely affect the neighborhood.  Qualifying homeowners often have their payments reduced to 31 percent of their monthly pre-tax income.

For help finding out if you’re eligible for a lower payment under these new policies, you can contact our Valley office at (818) 501-9200. 
You can find out if your mortgage is owned by Fannie or Freddie by going online to: or, or calling 1-800-7FANNIE or 1-800-FREDDIE.  

For more information you can also visit:

Refinancing at Lower Rates for Those with Low Equity (or No Equity) 
Mortgage rates are at historic lows and many homeowners want to refinance to reduce their monthly payments by hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  But many homeowners do not have the 20 percent equity required to refinance, and some owe more than the current value of their home.
Congressman Sherman cosponsored the HOME Act which allows those with mortgages owned or guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to refinance – even if they owe more than their home is currently worth.  Even if you write your check to a major bank, your mortgage is probably owned or guaranteed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.
This provision will help create jobs in the San Fernando Valley.  Homeowners who save hundreds of dollars each month are good customers for local Valley businesses.  Furthermore, it does not expose the federal government to additional risk because these mortgages are already guaranteed or owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

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