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Congressman Brad Sherman

Representing the 30th District of CALIFORNIA

Congressman Brad Sherman Hosts Telephone Town Hall


Jun 30, 2017
Press Release
Residents Express Concerns Over Many Domestic Issues, The President

Sherman Oaks - On Thursday evening, over 5,000 Valley residents participated in an interactive “Telephone Town Hall” hosted by Congressman Brad Sherman (D-Sherman Oaks).

Residents from all over the district called in and participated in a two-way conversation with Congressman Sherman for ninety minutes.  During this time, the Congressman addressed constituents’ questions and concerns on a wide variety of topics, including health care, student loan debt, U.S. foreign policy in North Korea, infrastructure funding, the environment, and more.

“Telephone Town Halls are a regular part of my outreach to constituents,” said Sherman.  “These types of Town Halls allow me to easily interact with thousands of Valley residents.  With Donald Trump in the White House my constituents have more questions than ever.  Residents across the Valley are understandably concerned about the state of affairs in the White House, and voiced that opinion throughout the event.”

Sherman’s next Town Hall Meeting will take place Sunday, August 20th from 3:00 to 4:30 PM at Reseda High School.  Last April, he held a Town Hall at the same location attended by 1,300 Valley residents.

During Congressman Sherman’s Telephone Town Hall, he elicited the input of his constituents by asking a series of survey questions about pressing issues.  The results of the survey questions are as follows:

  • Should the House Judiciary Committee hold hearings to debate whether or not to impeach President Trump?
    • Yes: 62%
    • No: 22%
    • Undecided: 16%
  • Do you agree with President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord?
    • Yes: 13%
    • No: 80%
    • Undecided: 7%
  • Republicans in the House and Senate have introduced legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Which statement best describes you opinion of these proposals?
    • Obamacare is working, but some changes ought to be made: 84%
    • We must fully repeal and replace Obamacare: 12%
    • No Opinion: 4%
  • Do you support the legislative agenda of the National Rifle Association?
    • Strongly Support: 14%
    • Not So Much: 82%
    • No Opinion: 4%
  • Do you support the legislative agenda of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence?
    • Strongly Support: 72%
    • Not So Much: 11%
    • No Opinion: 17%
  • Do you support the legislative agenda of the AFL-CIO?
    • Strongly Support: 36%
    • Not So Much: 18%
    • No Opinion: 46%

In addition to answering policy questions, Congressman Sherman used the time to direct constituents to his district office (818) 501-9200 for further assistance in regards to personal problems with federal agencies.  At the end of the ninety-minute conversation, participants who were unable to ask a question were given the option to leave their own comments and questions for the Congressman by voicemail.