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Congressman Brad Sherman

Representing the 30th District of CALIFORNIA

Social Media


I understand that the way you receive information is changing.  Keeping you informed in this new era is important to me.  Knowing that so many people now obtain their news from new media, I’ve established an official account on Twitter, an official Facebook site and an official YouTube channel.  I hope that you’ll take a moment to visit these social media outlets to learn more about my work in Congress on behalf of the 30th District. 


My official government Facebook page is registered as "Congressman Brad Sherman."  I hope you will become my "fan" on Facebook and follow my work in the United States Congress.


My YouTube channel, allows you to watch video coverage of my activities in Congress.


My Tweets can be sent to your phone, blackberry or email.  Those immediate short communications will tell you what just happened in Congress.  I won't waste your time telling you what I had for breakfast.