Congressman Brad Sherman

Representing the 30th District of CALIFORNIA

Sherman Acts to Prevent Vaccine Waste


Dec 16, 2020
Press Release
Statement of Congressman Sherman

“At 3pm today, I heard from my Doctor brother-in-law that a large percentage of the Pfizer vaccine was going to waste.

“The vaccine is distributed in vials with enough vaccine for 7 doses. But FDA policies required that each vial should be used for 5 doses, and then discarded.

“I immediately contacted FDA, and within hours Acting Associate Commissioner Andrew Tantillo issued the clarifying guidance set forth below. I have urged the FDA to put this up on its website and get it out to vaccine administrators. Hopefully the press will also get help get the word out.

“By following this new guidance, a vial that would have provided 5 doses can provide 7 doses, a 40% increase. As explained in Dr. Kaplan’s email, medical personnel will need to use some care if they are to get the 7th dose from a vial.”