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Congressman Brad Sherman

Representing the 30th District of CALIFORNIA



Feb 13, 2003
Press Release

[Washington, D.C.] – Congressman Brad Sherman announced today that the House of Representatives passed $90,000 for the intergenerational daycare program at ONEgeneration in Van Nuys.

"ONEgeneration’s intergenerational daycare is a model program that provides services to both young children and seniors," said Sherman. "It’s a model that is working and waiting lists for the program grow daily. I am pleased that my colleagues supported my request and this important Valley project," said Sherman.

ONEgeneration is a nonprofit organization operating in the San Fernando Valley which promotes healthy aging, encourages successful early childhood development, and provides vital, quality intergenerational programs serving the needs of seniors, children and their families throughout the region.

Sherman’s request was included in the Omnibus Appropriations bill, which will determine federal spending for the remainder of the fiscal year, which ends September 30, 2003.

"This bill is certain to be passed by the Senate and signed by the President within days," said Sherman, "so we will get these funds."