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Congressman Brad Sherman

Representing the 30th District of CALIFORNIA

Valley Residents Participate in Congressman Brad Sherman’s Telephone Town Hall


Dec 19, 2019
Press Release

Sherman Oaks – On Wednesday evening Valley residents participated in an interactive “Telephone Town Hall” hosted by Congressman Brad Sherman (D-Sherman Oaks).

Residents from all over the San Fernando Valley called in and participated in a conversation with Congressman Sherman for over ninety minutes. During this time, the Congressman addressed the questions and concerns of constituents about the historic vote by the House to impeach Donald Trump, gun control, healthcare, and other issues.

“Telephone Town Halls are a regular part of my outreach to constituents,” said Rep. Sherman. “Telephone Town Halls allow me to easily interact with thousands of Valley residents and provide a good way for me to know what’s on the minds of my constituents. I’ve hosted well over 200 Town Halls of various types. I particularly like Telephone Town Halls because constituents can participate without leaving their homes, so we typically get many thousands of participants.”

During the Telephone Town Hall, Sherman requested input from his constituents by asking a series of survey questions about pressing issues. The results of the survey questions are as follows:


1. Do you approve of impeaching Donald Trump?

​Yes: 41%

No: 10%

Undecided: 49%


2. Do you support NAFTA?

Yes: 48%

No: 10%

Undecided: 42%


3. Should the government set the price of each prescription drug?

Yes: 65%

No: 15%

Undecided: 20%


4. Do you support Medicare for All?

Yes: 51%

No: 29%

Undecided: 20%