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Congressman Brad Sherman

Representing the 30th District of CALIFORNIA

Sherman Serving Valley Residents


Dec 15, 2014

Although the federal government continually threatens to shut down due to political gridlock, my office will always remain open to Valley residents. That is because only part of my job is working on legislation in the House of Representatives, and in the Foreign Affairs and Financial Services Committees. An equally important part of my job is my work here in the San Fernando Valley, communicating with Valley residents and helping to resolve problems that people are having with federal agencies.  

All services provided by my office are free of charge.  Whether you are seeking assistance with a federal agency or looking for assistance in arranging tours of the U.S. Capitol and other Washington attractions, I hope you will not hesitate to contact me at (818) 501-9200.  My website,, also provides helpful information.

We have helped thousands of San Fernando Valley residents resolve a wide array of problems including issues with the Veterans Administration, immigration, citizenship, applying for visas, the Internal Revenue Service, student financial aid, and Medicare and Social Security.  One example occurred last year when a veteran from the Valley named Sam Goldfarb, who proudly served our country in World War II, suddenly required medical attention. Mr. Goldfarb was entitled to receive medical services from the VA based on his military service, but unfortunately he did not have the records required by the VA to verify his service.  After contacting my office, my staff was able to contact the National Personnel Records Center on his behalf, and worked quickly to secure an appointment with a VA doctor. Mr. Goldfarb is now receiving the treatment he deserves.

My office was also contacted by a man named James Rochow, an 84-year-old combat veteran who served in Korea, Japan, Germany, and Vietnam. Mr. Rochow earned several medals and decorations through this service, but they went missing. He was having such a difficult time obtaining replacements that he was afraid he would not be able to obtain them before he passed away. We contacted the VA and obtained all of the documents needed. My staff then went to his home and helped him complete the required forms. They worked with the VA to make sure the new medals were expedited.

Our commitment to helping Valley residents extends to all federal agencies, including unsnarling issues with the IRS. This past year my staff was contacted by Ms. Kerry Jackson, a California public school teacher since 1972. Ms. Jackson worked diligently to resolve a dispute with the IRS regarding the amount of taxes she owed. Fearing that she might never be able to retire due to the financial consequences of the dispute, Ms. Jackson contacted my office for help. Working with liaisons at the IRS, my staff was able to help Ms. Jackson correct errors in her tax record, and resolve the dispute. Ms. Jackson was finally able to return her full attention to taking care of her family, her students and planning for her future retirement.

In addition to helping individuals, we also provide assistance to Valley businesses.  Our offices have important information about financing, assistance to exporters, and selling to the U.S. government. We work closely with the Valley Economic Development Center and Small Business Administration’s Development Centers. We can also help businesses address problems related to federal agencies such as the IRS, the SBA and the Federal Trade Commission. Through our efforts, we have helped Valley businesses resolve bureaucratic errors and avoid costly delays to ensure their continued success.

In order for me to continue serving the community, it is important for me to hear from Valley residents. One great way to be in touch with my office is to attend one of our many Town Hall Meetings. Over the years, I have held over 190 Town Hall Meetings in the San Fernando Valley.  These Town Hall Meetings are a great chance for me to listen to your comments and respond to questions.

If you want to be notified of my upcoming Town Halls, you should sign up to receive e-mails from my office.  You can do this by visiting my website: or calling (818) 501-9200.  If you go to the website and sign up to receive emails, I promise to keep you fully informed.  You can also follow my activities on Twitter at or on Facebook (“Congressman Brad Sherman”).